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a diy gender neutral modern playhouse

February 5, 2021
Decorated for Superbowl Weekend!

Boys need playhouses + kitchens, too! Playhouses open a child’s imagination to create their own little world & all kiddos love this… not just girls! A playhouse takes kids away from technology, it gets them pretend playing, and even better: it pushes them to use words! It also gives them a space of their own, where their independency & imagination can soar. When the idea of getting the boys a playhouse came up, I instantly knew I wanted to fix one up for them. I originally thought I’d make it a “bachelor brother pad”, but then I changed my mind (what’s new?). I decided to make it more of a simple black & white modern farmhouse look to match their playroom.


I bought this Kidkraft Playhouse during a Black Friday special & it was such a steal! I loved that it wasn’t too frilly & had lots of open windows.

Let’s Get Started!

To start, you’re going to want to paint all the parts before assembling the playhouse. This way you won’t have to worry about painting the tedious nooks and crannies after its put together. I primed & painted the outside & inside cedar wood with the color: Sherwin Williams- Pure White. I didn’t paint the bottom (didn’t want it to stick to the paper it was on) & flipped it over once it was dry to paint the bottom. It took one coat of primer & two coats of paint to get it lookin’ good!

The windows came already installed, so I unscrewed those & spray painted the front/back with a black plastic spray paint. I let them completely dry before screwing them back into the cedar walls.

I decided I loved the cedar color of the front door, so I left that alone. I stained this IKEA Spice Rack ($2.99) my favorite stain color- Special Walnut, this was screwed in under the front window and acts as a plant box. I got the fake plants from IKEA, as well ($4.99).

Inside Details

We added this KidKraft Kitchen to the inside of the playhouse. It fit perfectly and it gives the boys something to do inside the house. We chose this one because it was gender neutral and easy to match anything. I didn’t do anything special to it because I thought it looked cute as is!

Other Details

I decided to leave the roof & mailbox of the playhouse alone. I thought the hunter green color went well with the black & white color scheme and added a little masculine touch.

I hot glued the modern number 2 onto the front, as well as the “Let’s Eat” sign (from Hobby Lobby!). We also screwed in a chalkboard from the inside, that covered the side of the kitchen. This added something the boys can get creative with & I thought it would be cute to make a menu for their kitchen.

I found a red lantern on Amazon that I also spray painted black. I added this to the house with a tiny hook on the side of the house. I drilled a hole next to the door for the Chicago Bears flag.

And that’s it, friends! If you are thinking about “sprucing up” a playhouse, trust me that it is much easier than it appears- so go for it! DO IT! Please reach out with any questions, I’m here for you!

Take care & happy DIY-ing! :)

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