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a little cutie is on the way!

August 17, 2020

Babies, babies, babies! My girlfriends are all having babies and it is the greatest feeling getting to celebrate good friends becoming MAMAS. If you know me, you know I LOVE any reason to get friends together, I love a good party, and I definitely love a good theme. When a girlfriend of mine and I decided to throw our bestie a socially-distanced baby shower, we jumped on the “a little cutie is on the way” theme, because let’s be real- it is freakin’ cute, different, & is (somewhat) easy! Not to mention- it is also gender neutral. Woop woop! Orange is the name of the game and you literally just decorate with cuties, oranges, and greenery.

Because of the pandemic, we tried to make it as socially distanced as possible by having the baby shower on our deck in the backyard, while the food/drinks were inside. We asked that people wear masks when they go inside to use the restroom & get food. We had a small group of women who were all very respectful when it came to social distancing, which made for a great brunch. We ate bagels, pastries, & sandwiches from Einstein Bagels, had some mimosas/momosas, played some baby shower games, watched the mama-to-be open gifts, and we celebrated this beautiful mama & her cutie with all the love that she deserves. The shower was definitely a hit and I highly recommend this fun theme. Below are some pictures of the shower & I linked all of the items at the bottom.

The mama-to-be & shower hosts (minus my stage 5 clinger attached to my leg)

Alright, how beautiful is the mama-to-be?! She is just glowing and makes pregnancy look so fabulous! Knox (my 2.5 yo) peeking through has been going through an attachment issue with me recently- different post another day! šŸ™‚

The Balloon Garland/Arch

A balloon garland (or arch) is always a good idea at a party. When I make them, I don’t use any kit- I just make it with ribbon/string & LOTS of balloons! I usually start blowing the balloons up a couple days in advance. The night before I tie a 3 to 5 inch piece of ribbon around each balloon & then simply tie it to a long piece of ribbon. It is super easy, but yes, as I’m sure you can imagine…it is extremely time consuming. The final ballon garland is ALWAYS worth it and such a hit at every party.

A couple tips for ballon garland:

  1. Pick out at least 3 different colored balloons to use (I used orange, regular white, & pearlized white for this shower)
  2. Get a few different sized balloons to add some depth (pictured are 9″ & 12″ balloons)
  3. Before you begin tying your balloons, tie your “main” long piece of ribbon on a door knob & string it across the room to another door knob & make the string tight! You’ll use this string as the base to tie all the balloons on to.
  4. Alternate between colors & sizes, but there is no real pattern that I use when tying the balloons. As you add balloons, gently slide them together & it’ll start to form quickly.
  5. The more balloons- the merrier! I used about 70 balloons for this garland.
  6. If you are hanging the balloon garland on a wall, you can use nails, command hooks, or Christmas light hooks. Once you hang the garland, you can arrange the balloons around to fit your liking.

Cookies- Games- Decor!

Have a table designated for a few games, cute cookies, & decor! You can make the decor using a Cricut or I linked the items from an Etsy shop below. When you decide on a theme, stick to it and go all out! We gave the invitation to the baker to incorporate the same design on the cookies. Try to use the invitation template to make the games, signs, etc. so everything is matchy-matchy.

Momosa” Bar

ALWAYS make sure there is a “Mom-osa” bar! Our nonalcoholic preggo “Mom-osa” drink tasted like a mimosa, but included 1/2 O.J., 1/2 7up, & frozen strawberries and was delish! Of course we included champagne & other juices as an alcoholic Mimosa option. We also included coffee & water.

The “Mom-osa” Bar

Table Set-Up

The table set up was an easy one! We put a cutie on each plate with 2 leaves around it and it was such a perfect finishing touch. In the middle of the table, we added garland …& surprise-surprise..more cuties! Easy, peezy! As a party favor, we picked up the mama-to-be’s favorite chapstick & had labels made that said “Monica’s Baby Shower”. The hanging cuties were made from lanterns, with hot-glued leaves on top. Target $5 dollar spot (Bullseye’s Brand) currently has citrus trees, which is where the table trees came from.

Another party favor was to take a cutie home! We obviously had more than enough. šŸ™‚

Baby showers can be so fun and having a great theme makes it even more fun! Feel free to reach out with any questions and I’ll be more than happy to help. Good luck with hosting your next baby shower!

Cheers to a good party! Cheers to a good theme!

Shop some shower items below!

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