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Memories are my art

June 24, 2020

Memories are my art! I love a good piece of art, but in my home I actually prefer ditching the art and decorating with memories. Yes, memories- pictures- portraits- photography- my people! I don’t think you can ever have too many memories in a home (captured or not) and gosh! do I love all the stories that go behind a good photo. Below are some ways I’ve decorated my home using memories. Take a look for some inspo!

Entryway Bold First Impression

I ordered these large prints in black & white for a bold statement right when you enter our home. I chose 2 photos from the same photo shoot that I know I’ll cherish forever and never get tired of. These framed, wooden prints are super sturdy and will last a lifetime. The frames are from Smallwoods and they usually always have a great sale going on! Check them out!

Kid Bedroom Fun

Knox has a baseball theme in his room, so I chose an old photo of Mike playing ball back in his college days to go along with the theme. I made it black and white to match the photo of Wrigley Field above his dresser. I also added some black & white birth pictures of Knox. The key here are the white mats that make the pictures pop with the black frames.

Mack’s room has a fun black & white theme to it, so I thought putting a photo of him wearing a backwards hat would fit the theme well. Again, the key is the white mat to make the picture pop. This frame can be found here matted to fit an 8×10 picture.

Master Bathroom Nostalgia

In our master bathroom, I placed a photo of each of us from our wedding day above our own towel hook. It’s kind of a cute way to say “Stay away from my towel!”. Not using our faces in the pictures made it seem less cheesy.

Kid Bathroom Fun

In the boy’s bathroom, I thought it would be fun to place a photo of each boy in the bath sporting their infamous Mohawks, which has quickly become a tradition during bath time. These classic frames are from Target, you can see here.

Dining Room Memories

Some of my most favorite & random moments are hanging beside the dining table. Most are candid, authentic moments that I will forever cherish. These frames are very reasonable from IKEA. See here!

Living Room Sentimental

We have built-in shelving in the living room that hold many pictures, but below is my favorite part of the shelves. The top shelf is holding memories of people that we have lost over the years & we love seeing in our living room everyday. The bottom two shelves have random, priceless photos.

Tips for decorating with memories:

  1. When you’re thinking of your next family pictures, try not to make them “extreme” holiday/season-ish so that you can hang photos year round. It’s hard to keep Christmas photos up year round. Ya feel me?
  2. Try to match the color scheme of the room. I have a lot of black & white colors around the house, so most of the pictures are black & white. However, in our bedroom, we have a light, airy feeling, so my pictures are light, airy, & pastel in there.
  3. Using mats are very helpful to complete your pictures and “fancy” them up! Using different sized mats can be a fun and unique way to add a certain feeling to a room.
  4. If I get a good picture using my iPhone camera (let’s be real, iPhone cameras are amazing these days!) I’ll get it blown up & printed at Walgreens and am (usually) satisfied! Walgreens is very reasonable.
  5. I get most of my frames on sale at Hobby Lobby, IKEA, & Target. has my favorite large wooden prints.

There sure is something special about personalized stuff and nothing gets more personalized than a home filled with your family’s pictures. I hope this helps inspire some new home decorating of memories of your people! Take care!

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