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pandemic outings with your kids

August 8, 2020

August! The last full month of summer is already here! WHAT!? Summer always flies by, but believe it or not in the middle of this pandemic-this summer went just as quick as usual. Between the constant beautiful weather and chasing two busy boys around, I feel like I blinked and we are here- August!

We had our first, real pandemic outing last week to the zoo and it was just so perfect (EASY, no hiccups, no meltdowns)…. YES, I just said that. The day was the most perfect day and I literally couldn’t stop gushing about how great it was to my husband. Was it because we hadn’t been out in MONTHS as a family? maybe. Was it that my expectations of taking a 2 year old & baby anywhere in public are VERY low, so anything not crazy is fun? probably. Was it that I freaking love the zoo and 100% enjoyed it more than my kids? absolutely. Whatever the reason is, we’re going to enjoy this last full month of summer the best we can with more family outings. There are so many different activities that can be done practicing safe, social distancing procedures. I’ve listed a few ideas for you to take advantage of while this midwest weather is… beautiful! Check them out- might see ya there!

  1. Find a river! Knoch Knolls Park in Naperville is our favorite river to wade in under the bridges. We take water & sand toys to use in the shallow parts. If you have older kids, bring a tube to float down the river or there are also kayaks you can rent on the weekends. There are trails & a park close by to enjoy as well.
  2. Put Put Golf- you naturally distance yourself from other parties with this one. Sadly, my kids are too young for this but this is a great one for older kids!
  3. Find a beach– enough said.
  4. Petting ZoosCosley Zoo & Blackberry Farm are great smaller zoos that take about 45 minutes to walk through.
  5. Larger ZoosBrookfield Zoo or Lincoln Park Zoo
  6. Find a Splash Pad– these are usually free & always close to a park!
  7. Try heading to a different neighborhood park once a week.
  8. Strawberry/Apple/Blueberry picking
  9. Camp out in your backyard
  10. Go to a pond/Riverwalk & feed the ducks
  11. Take a day to go hiking (Starved Rock, Waterfall Glen)
  12. Go fishing
  13. Go biking!
  14. Enjoy a movie in your backyard

Outing Tips:

*most places you need to reserve a time in advance. Make sure to check their website in advance to register for a ticket (if needed) and to see their safety policies. I also suggest going as early as possible (often people won’t be there that early).

*Bring the obvious MASK, hand sanitizer, hand/face wipes, stroller, change of clothes, SNACKS, etc. Maybe even bring extra masks just in case.

*Have a talk with your kiddos on the way to the activity if masks are needed. Use bribery to have them keep their masks on!

The key to going anywhere (with kiddos) during the pandemic is to be prepared! Good luck with your outings and don’t forget to snap some photos for memories of these crazy times. Take care!

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