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baby changing station 101

June 3, 2020

Baby changing station 101: be extra prepared for any kind of “crappy” situation! Haha! Isn’t it funny how much stuff comes along with the tiniest little thing? The changing station is such an important (& most used) part of the nursery. I have linked my most favorite & necessary baby items for Mack’s changing station below.

  1. Aveeno Baby Calming Lotion We love the Aveeno Calming lotion for right after bath and before jammies! I personally feel like it calms Mack with the nice, lavender scent and prepares him for bed. If you get a consistent nightly routine going, the scent should signal baby it’s time for sleep!

2. Baby Bum Diaper Cream Brush This was not a thing with our first, so when we ordered this we (kind of) thought it was unnecessary. We quickly realized how convenient this actually is when you’re putting the diaper cream on the bum! We have a little mover & a shaker who doesn’t give us much time to apply it, so this is an easy, effortless, and not messy tool!

3. Boogie Wipes We use these saline wipes for the whole family. They truly help with the tricky crust around the nose that is hard to get off with a regular kleenox.

4. Fridababy NoseFrida Sounds disgusting, but we love this tool! You literally suck the snot out of your baby’s nose and relieves congestion. Our first child, Knox (weirdly) loved when we used the NoseFrida on him, but our second, Mack fought us so hard the minute he saw this thing! Good luck getting that snot! Haha!

5. Fridababy MediFrida Another convenient Fridababy product that we love! …And boy does it seems like our kids are sick all the time with the last 3 items, doesn’t it? haha! This is such a great tool to use when giving your baby medicine, as it acts as a pacifier (so it kind of tricks them into drinking the medicine). We didn’t have this for our first child & the amount of medicine you waste or ends up on you & your child (such a sticky mess!) was ridiculous. When we finally got this in our hands, we realized we had missed out on such an easy, effortless tool! We still use this with our 2.5 year old! haha

6. Munchkin Pacifier Wipes These are such a life saver! Our kids are big on pacifiers, so in the middle of the night when its dropped on the ground and we don’t feel like running to the sink to wash it off, we simply wipe it down with one of these. These are great for your diaper bag, car, & stroller as well!

7. Fridababy Windi the Gaspasser This works nicely to get extra air & gas out of your baby. Pretty simple to use!

8. Skip Hop Wipe Clean Changing Pad A simple wipe and this is good to go! It’s also not ridiculously overly priced like some of the other ones are. The small mobile easily comes off and we put a little blanket under Mack’s head to make it a little comfier when he is laying there.

9. Desitin This is our favorite diaper cream. Nothing crazy about it, it’s reasonable and works just fine.

10. BabyShusher This is such an amazing idea! It literally makes the shushing sound as if it is a real person. We love having this around the changing station for those middle of the night changings. This bad boy has done wonders with our kiddos! I would suggest taking this anywhere you might be traveling or even in those long car rides.

11. Diaper Dekor is the best diaper caddie for dirty diapers! We have this one & the Diaper Genie, but we like the Diaper Dekor so much better. The hole for dirty diapers on the Genie just isn’t big enough for my kid’s poops (not kidding!) AND not nearly as many diapers fit in the Genie.

12. The Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine is a dual night light and sound machine. It can be controlled manually or through your phone. We love it because we used it as a “Time-to-Rise” tool to let our toddler know when it was time to get out of bed in the morning.

13. The Kinsa Smart Thermometer is what we bought after we realized a forehead thermometer isn’t ideal for a newborn baby (nobody told us this until we landed in the ER with an 11 day old baby having a forehead temperature of 101, which was inaccurate- lesson learned!). Anyway! The Kinsa Thermometer is an easy tool that is suitable for oral, underarm, or rectal use. As an infant, most doctors recommend that rectal temperature is the most accurate. This is very reasonable and again is used with your smartphone.

14. Aveeno Baby All-Over Wipes are nice to have all over the house. They clean & moisturize your baby’s hands, face (or wherever) and are Paraben-, phthalate-, fragrance-, alcohol- & phenoxyethanol-free. Throw these in your changing station, diaper bag, stroller, car, & anywhere else your babe might be.

15. Another Fridababy product! The Fridababy NailFrida is an easy & effortless way to clip those baby nails. We usually do this at the changing station while the other parent is distracting baby.

16. The Fridababy 3-in-1 Humidifier is nice because it provides a nightlight, cool mist moisture, and you can also diffuse essential oils. It’s extremely quiet and works perfectly to keep the air moist. We have such a dry house that its almost on every night! Hold me to this- someone brilliant will design this humidifier with the features of the Hatch Rest Machine and the rest is history.

And there you have it! My favorite changing station items that have helped us through 2 babies now. As for diapers & wipes, we are big Costco/Target fans so we always stock up on the Kirkland brand wipes & diapers from Costco & the Up&Up Target brand diapers- you can’t go wrong with these in my opinion! We also like to keep Hand Sanitizer for mom & dad to use before & after changing.

Tips for the changing station

  1. Have it somewhat organized! Have a basket of the stuff you use daily (wipes, bum brush, diaper cream, etc.) on top of the dresser, while the other items used every once in a while are in a top drawer (NoseFrida, MediFrida, etc.)
  2. I always make sure to have the changing pad on the left side so that I can efficiently use my right hand (I’m right handed) to quickly grab the items I need.
  3. I keep the diapers in the top right hand drawer, again for easy access.
  4. I love having a mirror above the changing station (obviously secured). We usually have a sweet moment in the mirror & it’s just fun to watch him see himself.
  5. I like to have a small distraction for Mack while I’m changing him, such as a tiny toy or stuffed animal. This keeps him a bit occupied.
  6. Have Hand Sanitizer around the station for mom & dad to use before & after changings.
  7. Keep it simple & stocked… & you can’t go wrong!

Most importantly, take care of yourself & those sweet babies!

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