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baby/toddler Summer (stay at home) fun

June 1, 2020

My summer boys😍

We’ve been spending our days outside every chance we get & are oh-so grateful for this summer feeling weather!☀️ Let’s be real… Midwest weather is FUNKY, so if it’s not raining or snowing in May/June, it’s a win!

Isn’t it funny how much effort goes in to going anywhere with a baby & toddler? Even if it’s just our own backyard! 10 minutes of sunscreen pile on, then the little swimmer diapers & trunks, don’t forget to grab (all) the water toys! Oh, Knox doesn’t want the blue towel you picked out- he wants the other blue one🤦🏼‍♀️, pack the snacks which end up everywhere but their mouths, & don’t forget you still need to fill up all the water toys.😅 Haha! There sure is a lot to it for two tiny people, but I (clearly) love every minute of it!🤣

COVID-19 quarantine has kept us around the house going on almost 3 months now & we’ve found some new stuff to do around the house, but what in the world are we going to do all summer? No public pools…no zoos…no museums?!? Ugh! I make it a goal to have the boys outside at least once a day (luckily they love being outside!) So it sounds like our backyard is going to be a one-man shop for these kiddos, which means I really need to step up our water toy game. I compiled a list of some fun summer go-to’s to get your (stay at home) summer off to a great start! Enjoy!

First off, the most important part of being outside is staying safe. We LOVE Babyganics dual pack of mineral-based sunscreen & (deet-free) natural insect repellent. The sunscreen sprays on like a light lotion and its a simple & effortless wipe from there; this is the only kind Knox (my toddler) has patience for. It’s also super easy to apply on their face (which I can be a psycho about getting every nook and cranny on their precious & very fair skin).

We also love this water table! Water toys in general go so far with kiddos, but this water table is now going into its 2nd summer with us. Once Knox starts playing in it, he really gets into it! We use little water cups, magnetic boats, and just about any other toy will end up in it.

Other fun ideas for your backyard are water balloons, baby pool, sprinkler, splash pad, sandbox, sand toys, slip & slide. Knox even loves just a simple bucket of soil and a shovel.

A stroller fan is something that you truly do not even think about until you’re out on a walk & probably realize it’s a little too hot for this babe. I love our stroller fan, but I recently saw it is out of stock. I found this one with great reviews!

Something else important is shade. If you don’t have a tree in your backyard, I found the perfect umbrella that bends to perfectly shade that baby of yours! How cute is the watermelon design?

Whatever you do this summer, most importantly is to just be safe! Enjoy all the Vitamin D & stay hydrated! Take care!

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