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dining room redo

June 7, 2020

Fresh flowers always seem to make a room have a happy feeling! I picked flowers from our front yard to complete my favorite corner of the house today! If you look closely, there is a little something for everyone in this corner… mom & dad beverages, dog treats for Nash, the candy jar, etc. It’s also the spot where we come together every single night as a family of four, eat dinner and actually hear each other talk. I LOVE that we’ve made this a tradition.

When Knox was younger, we would always find ourselves standing up shoving food down our throats at the kitchen bar, while feeding him from his high-chair that didn’t fit under our dining table. It was always just a rushed, not feel-good dinner. When Knox started his speech therapy last fall, they recommended that we sit down and eat together, so that he could physically see us chatting and incorporate him into the conversation. Of course, I loved this idea. Since then we’ve made it a point to sit at the table and have meaningful conversations and of course encourage his expressive language (which is coming… slowly but surely). It’s actually pretty cute, because I place Mack in his Bumbo seat (which fits perfectly under the table) and they end up making each other laugh. #mamaheaven #simplethings

Dining Room Details

Anyway! My vision for this space revolved around the farmhouse feel of the dining table; I love the combo of the two colors. The chairs are extremely comfortable, but the color is not so great with babies. #yikes

We also LOVE our Pergo XP flooring. It is the perfect color that never shows dirt (which can also be a small problem sometimes!). The flooring is truly great with dogs, crazy kids, & whatever else happens to it on the daily. Highly recommend!

The picture frames are what people ask most about & sadly, I’m not able to link them directly, but they are the RIBBA brand from IKEA that fit 8×10 photos. Very reasonable!

The sideboard & dining room table are currently out of stock, so I linked a few very similar. Take a peek & hope you enjoy!

Shop the dining room details below!

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