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newborn necessities

August 1, 2021

baby watch Round 3!

August 1st! It’s birthday month for baby girl and we are getting excited! It is also officially my last, final, & 27th month of being pregnant within the last 4 years (to break that down for you, I’ve been pregnant more than 2 years of the last 4 years- WHOAH!) This time around, I’ve been more anxious than ever. Summer has been very hot, I’ve had about every negative pregnancy symptom in the books, and my two boys have kept me on my feet every second of the day. I’m not complaining, I’m very grateful, I am just exhausted!

This time around I am confident using just about everything we had from our first two babies, so we didn’t have to buy too much. However, the baby industry tends to revolve quickly so some of the things that are out and about these days were not even a thing when I was preggo with my first just 4 years ago. With that being said, we decided to “upgrade” just a few things. We decided to upgrade baby’s bouncer/lounger, pacifiers, and our activity playmate. Besides those items, everything I used with the first two are tried & true favorites and in my opinion, the only things you’ll really need those first few newborn months. Take a peek below to see what we will be using for baby girl’s arrival. (Please note: by clicking on each picture, it will take you to an affiliate link & I will make a small commission.)

1. Cloud Island Onesies

These Target favorites are what my babes always wear for the first few months. They are the softest material with a simple design, zip from top to bottom, and have built in hand mittens. They are light enough to wear under swaddles and sleep suits, so you never need to worry about overheating. They truly fit all the “credentials” I require for a onesie. Easy, peasy- lemon squeezy!

2. blooming bath lotus cushion

This makes baths in the sink a breeze for parents and baby.

3. FridaBaby 3-in-1 thermometer

This is the second thermometer that we bought after we realized a forehead thermometer isn’t ideal for a newborn baby (nobody told us this until we landed in the ER with an 11 day old baby having a forehead temperature of 101, which was inaccurate- lesson learned!). Anyway! This thermometer is an easy tool that is suitable for oral, underarm, or rectal use. As a newborn, most doctors recommend taking a rectal temperature for the most accurate reading.

4. Hatch sound machine

The Hatch is a dual night light and sound machine. It can be controlled manually or through your phone. We love how easy it is to use and you can set it to turn on/off automatically. These have been around our house for some time as we also use it as a “Time-to-Rise” tool to let our toddler know when it is time to come out of his room in the morning.

5. Comotomo bottles

We were big Dr. Brown’s bottle fans, until we came across these bottles with my second son, Mack. We felt like these mimicked the breast much better, so there was never any nipple confusion.

6. Fridababy nose aspirator

We love this tool! You literally suck the snot out of your baby’s nose and it relieves congestion and mucus. My first loved the feeling of it, my second hated it; what will baby girl think?

7. ergonomic baby bouncer

This is something that I “upgraded” this time around. I had a Graco bouncer for the boys that worked just fine, but I liked the simple look of this one for the living room. We will keep the old Graco one on a different floor, basement or upstairs? It’s nice to have more than one so you don’t have to transport it up & down the stairs. I was going to get the Baby Bjorn bouncer, but the reviews on this one were amazing & it was about $80 cheaper, so I couldn’t pass it up!

8. baby shusher

This is such an amazing idea! It literally makes the shushing sound as if it is a real person. We love having this around the changing station for those middle of the night changings or even in car rides. I’m taking this in my hospital bag for the first days in the hospital as well. Highly recommend!

9. fridababy 3-in-1 humidifier

We love this humidifier because it provides a nightlight, cool mist moisture, and you can also diffuse essential oils. It’s extremely quiet and works perfect to keep the air moist. We have such a dry house that its almost on every night! Hold me to this- someone brilliant will design this humidifier with the features of the Hatch Rest Machine and the rest is history.

10. baby Bjorn carrier

Trying to get anything done around the house with a baby who loves to be held? A carrier is always needed & we love this one!

11. aveeno baby calming lotion

We love the Aveeno Calming lotion for right after bath and before jammies! I personally feel like it calmed my other two babies with the nice, lavender scent and prepares them for bedtime. If you get a consistent nightly routine going, the scent should signal baby it’s time for sleep!

12. baby lounger

We have loved using this with both boys. I would sit them in it anytime I needed to get something done, whether it was for a shower or to cook dinner. it’s easy to transport and cozy for the little ones! This time around, I purchased a pretty cover for it, which adds a nice look!

13. velcro swaddles

Love these! Easy to use and they kept my boys from “Hulkamania-ing” out of their swaddle position.

14. desitin

This is our favorite diaper cream. There is nothing fancy about it, but it gets the job done!

15. pacifiers

I’m trying these cute ones this time around, as they resemble the hospital ones that are given and have great reviews. We’re big paci fans over here, so we have really tried them all.

That’s all!

Add in some Costco newborn diapers + wipes and there you have it! The complete list of newborn necessities that baby #3 will be using around our house and truly the only things you should need… that is, until you are sleep deprived and go nuts on Amazon desperately ordering every sleep suit or sack on the market to “cure” your child’s sleep behavior. Haha! Good luck with those days (FYI we are big fans of the Merlin’s Sleep Suit for those sleepless nights).

Happy momming! Happy parenting! Happy days with your precious newborn… they sure go by quick! Always keep in mind that everything is a phase and will soon pass.

Cheers friends!

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